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The Croaking Of Frogs

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The croaking of frogs. European frogs croaking during the mating season. Frog croaking sound free download. Best online SFX library for your projects. Download for free "The Croaking Of Frogs" MP3 file has bitrate 192 Kbps, size 226 kilobytes and length 00:10 seconds:

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Why do frogs croak?

In the frog "family" only males are vociferous. It is their songs that are heard throughout almost the entire summer period. Males croak mainly during the mating season and some time after it ends. They do this, of course, in order to win the attention of the female. According to the sound that the male makes, the female chooses a partner for mating, acting on the principle "the louder the sound, the larger the male." Calling songs of males can be heard at a distance of several kilometers (in single species), while in most species, sounds are heard within a radius of up to 200 meters from the sound source. Female frogs make sounds very rarely.

Why do frogs croak and not, say, chirp or grunt? And all because frogs use their own way of sound production. It's all about their resonator bags, which are connected to the oral cavity. The formation of a characteristic frog sound occurs in this way: first, the frog captures as much air as the lungs allow, then it clogs the mouth and nostrils and begins to “drive” the air from the lungs into the mouth and back with force (approximately according to the piston principle). During this movement, the air sets the vocal cords in motion and inflates the sacs, the sound created by the cords resonates in the sacs, and a characteristic frog croak is formed.

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