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Let's go back from summer to winter.

Snow is everywhere, and the spring, having got out of the pitch darkness of the dungeon into the light, runs. He turns to the right, then to the left, and finally falls into the pit. Slightly lingers here and hurries on. If he decided to take a break and stop, it would be bad for his tenants: grass frogs. In the autumn they settled in the pit. First one jumped, then another, and by the cold there were two hundred and fifty of them.

Winter has repeatedly shown its power, frosts reached 30 degrees. But the stream still ran, only the polynya over the pit narrowed a little. And right under the polynya frogs huddled together. Those that formed the bottom of the ball lay on the rubble bottom of the pit, covered with a thin layer of silt. The top one was worse. From them to the cold air is only twenty centimeters.

The ball moved slowly. All the frogs barely moved their legs. From time to time, those who fell into the top row tried to squeeze into the center of the ball or climb under it. Occasionally, a frog separated from everyone else and surfaced. For ten, or even thirty minutes, she stood in the water, sticking out her eyes and nostrils, and then, diving, she crawled back into the pile of mala.

If someone suddenly approached the polynya, the frogs scattered in all directions and hid under the ice. As soon as the enemy disappeared, an unusual ball spun again in the same place.

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