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Forest Birds Ambience Early Spring

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Forest birds ambience early spring. Forest daytime ambience with birds. Nature sounds. Loop. Best online SFX library for your projects. Download for free "Forest Birds Ambience Early Spring" MP3 file has bitrate 192 Kbps, size 3,08 megabytes and length 02:20 min:

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Spring! Difficulties of spring changes

Spring is something that is inevitable, but you only want to run towards it. The first spring - calendar - has already brought a lot of joy, despite the colder than the average long-term weather. What spring will be next - astronomical or meteorological? It is not difficult to date the beginning of astronomical spring, this year it will fall on March 20th. The meteorological or climatic spring will remain the most fickle, intriguing and desirable. It will come when the average daily temperature will steadily exceed 0°. Often (but not this year) in the southern regions of Russia, close to the subtropics, spring can flow smoothly from autumn (climatic winter can be skipped). In areas with a cold (subarctic) climate, spring can turn into autumn, bypassing summer. But these are extreme situations. In central Russia, the average time for the onset of spring falls on the second half of March. Spring comes to the Urals and Siberia a little later, by May it reaches the Arctic coast of the ETR, by June it reaches the north and northeast of the Asian territory of the country.

And that is not all. Specialists also distinguish synoptic spring, defining it as a transitional season between winter and summer in different years, beginning and ending at different times, characterized by a certain regime of atmospheric processes. Significant in the middle latitudes is the destruction of cold continental anticyclones and the increased influence of cyclones on the weather.

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