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Sicilienne For Violin And Piano

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Sicilienne in E flat for violin and piano. Composer: Maria Theresia Von Paradis. Sad background classical music for Youtube video or any other project. Commercial use allowed. Download for free "Sicilienne For Violin And Piano" MP3 file has bitrate 192 Kbps, size 5,26 megabytes and length 04:05 min:

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Origin of the violin

The debate about when and where this legendary musical instrument appeared does not subside to this day. Some historians suggest that the bow appeared in India, from where it came to the Arabs and Persians, and from them it already passed to Europe. In the course of musical evolution, there have been many different versions of bowed instruments that have influenced the modern look of the violin. Among them are the Arabic rebab, the German company and the Spanish fidel, which were born in the XIII-XV centuries. It was these instruments that became the progenitors of the two main bowed instruments - the viol and the violin. Viola appeared earlier, it was of different sizes, they played it while standing, holding it on their knees, and later on their shoulders. This type of playing the viola led to the appearance of the violin.

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