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Summer Piano Loop

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Summer piano loop. Great sound for piano based production. We are trying to bring you fresh ideas for your project. Download free wav loops for your music production. Commercial use allowed. Download for free "Summer Piano Loop" WAV file has bitrate 16 bit / 44.100, size 2,52 megabytes and length 0:15 seconds:

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The name PIANO (piano) comes from a combination of two Italian words forte - loud and piano - quiet. Piano is a class of musical string-percussion-keyboard instruments. Its predecessors were harpsichords and clavichords. But there were a number of shortcomings in the sound of these musical instruments, such as, for example, a weak, quickly fading sound. Their sound lacked expression. This is what forced the craftsmen who make harpsichords and clavichords to try to improve their creations. And so the piano was born. Officially, the Italian master Bartolomeo Cristofori in 1709 is considered to be its inventor (read about the history of the origin of the piano in another article on our website).

We are all familiar with two types of piano: a grand piano with horizontal strings, and a piano with vertical strings.

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