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Creepy Doll Piano Theme Song

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Creepy doll piano theme song. A creepy horror ambient music. Soft minimalistic background track for your video, movie, television, video game, app. Music for Youtube videos. Download for free "Creepy Doll Piano Theme Song" MP3 file has bitrate 192 Kbps, size 1,19 megabytes and length 01:45 min:

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History of the musical instrument piano

Before the appearance of the piano, there were other types of keyboard instruments:

Harpsichord. It was invented in Italy in the 15th century. The sound was extracted due to the fact that when the key was pressed, the rod (pusher) rose, after which the plectrum “plucked” the string. The disadvantage of the harpsichord is that you cannot change the volume, and the music does not sound dynamic enough.

Clavichord (translated from Latin - "key and string"). Widely used in the XV-XVIII centuries. The sound arose due to the impact of the tangent (a metal pin at the back of the key) on the string. The volume of the sound was controlled by pressing the key. The downside of the clavichord is the rapidly fading sound.

The creator of the piano is Bartolomeo Cristofori (1655-1731), an Italian musical master. In 1709, he completed work on an instrument called the gravicembalo col piano e forte (harpsichord that sounds soft and loud) or "pianoforte". Almost all the main components of the modern piano mechanism were already here.

Over time, the piano has been improved:

strong metal frames appeared, the placement of the strings was changed (one above the other crosswise), and their thickness was increased - this made it possible to achieve a more saturated sound;

in 1822, the Frenchman S. Erar patented the "double rehearsal" mechanism, which made it possible to quickly repeat the sound and increase the dynamics of the game;

In the 20th century, electronic pianos and synthesizers were invented.

In total, in the entire history of the existence of the piano, about 20,000 different manufacturers, both firms and individuals, have worked on this instrument.

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