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Chill Piano Loop 104 bpm

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Chill piano loop 104 bpm. Downtempo piano loops free download. High quality music loops in wav format for your projects. Commercial use allowed. Download for free "Chill Piano Loop 104 bpm" WAV file has bitrate 16 bit / 44.100, size 2,97 megabytes and length 0:18 seconds:

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The device of a modern piano

piano mechanics

Sound in the piano is made by striking the strings with a hammer. The strings are strung with pegs on a resonant soundboard (in a piano, the soundboard is in a vertical position, in grand pianos it is in a horizontal position). For each sound there is a chorus of strings: three for the middle and high ranges, two or one for the low.

The range of most pianos is 88 semitones from A subcontroctave to the 5th octave (older instruments may be limited to the A note of the 4th octave from above; you can find instruments with a wider range). In the neutral position, the strings, except for the last one and a half to two octaves, are in contact with the dampers.

When the keys are pressed, a device of levers, straps and hammers, called piano mechanics, is activated. After pressing, the damper is separated from the corresponding chorus of strings so that the string can sound freely, and a hammer, upholstered with felt (felt), strikes it.

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