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Heroic Drums

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Action heroic drums sound. Energetic and upbeat rhythm. Perfectly suitable for sports videos, TV advertising and commercial, action scenes, games, documentaries, corporate success and motivation presentations. Download for free "Heroic Drums" MP3 file has bitrate 192 Kbps, size 549 kilobytes and length 00:24 seconds:

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History of the drum

Drum (probably a word of Turkic origin) is a musical instrument from the percussion family.

It is common among most peoples, used as part of many musical ensembles. drummer - drummer

A typical representative is a membrane drum, consisting of a hollow resonator body of a certain shape or frame, on which a leather or plastic membrane is stretched. Its tension regulates the relative pitch of the sound. The body of the drum is made of wood, metal (steel, brass), acrylic plastic or even clay.

The sound is extracted by striking the membrane with a wooden mallet with a soft tip, a stick, brushes, hands, and sometimes by friction. To use several instruments at the same time, the drums are assembled into a drum set.

Drums of other designs - a steel drum, a slotted drum - do not have membranes and are referred to as idiophones.

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