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Dramatic Drums Sound Effect

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Dramatic drums sound effect. Strong and epic cinematic drum rhythm. Great for games, movies, action and horror trailers, intro, logos, advertisement, etc. Best online SFX library for your projects. Download for free "Dramatic Drums Sound Effect" MP3 file has bitrate 192 Kbps, size 249 kilobytes and length 00:11 seconds:

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Timpani is a percussion musical instrument with a certain pitch. They are a system of two or more (up to five) metal boilers, the open side of which is covered with leather or plastic. At the bottom of each boiler is a resonator hole.

Another important difference between timpani and drums is that they have a pitch, that is, notes can be played on them. Previously, the pitch was changed using a screw mechanism, and modern instruments are equipped with pedals, which greatly simplifies the tuning process. On such timpani, you can even play glissando.

The first documented use of the timpani was in the armies of the ancient Greeks and in the religious rituals of the Jews. It is also known that drums in the form of cauldrons were used in ancient Mesopotamia.

In 1188 the Cambrian-Norman chronicler Gerald of Wales wrote "Ireland uses and admires only two musical instruments, namely the harp and the timpani".

The Arabian nagars, the direct ancestors of modern timpani, were brought to continental Europe by the Crusaders and Saracens in the 13th century. These drums were small, with a diameter of approximately 20-22 cm, hung from the player's belt, and were used primarily for military ceremonies.

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