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Bossa Nova Drum Beat

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Bossa Nova Drum Beat. Created with vintage drum machine Ace Tone Rhythm Ace FR-3 drum machine (1967). Free WAV files. Download free drum loops WAV. Commercial use allowed. Download for free "Bossa Nova Drum Beat" WAV file has bitrate 16 bit / 44.100, size 1,45 megabytes and length 00:12 seconds:

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The drum, perhaps, can be attributed to the very first instruments of mankind. After all, what could be easier than knocking on a stone with a stick or even beating your chest with your fist, getting a hollow sound?

With the development of mankind, instruments appeared that very vaguely resemble modern drums: they were based on a hollow body with stretched two membranes made of animal skin. These membranes were initially fastened with the help of animal veins, then with ropes, but now they use special metal fasteners.

Why did the drum become the first human instrument? Yes, because it could be made quite easily, while it made a sound that spreads well over long distances, and everyone could use it. In ancient times, the drum performed various functions: it was the rhythmic design of various ceremonies, and noise signals during hunting and military operations, and a musical instrument for dancing and singing.

The prototype of the snare drum was the military drum of the Arabs who lived in Palestine and Spain, which was an indispensable attribute of military operations. Over time, the snare drum has firmly become part of the drum set. Its sound is the most recognizable in it, so the snare drum can rightly be considered the heart of the drum set.

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