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1 Minute Pouring Rain Sound Effect

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1 minute pouring rain sound effect. Heavy rain loop. Relaxing sounds of nature white noise. A seamlessly loopable sound of rain falling, 60 seconds. Professional SFX library. Download for free "1 Minute Pouring Rain Sound Effect" MP3 file has bitrate 192 Kbps, size 1,29 megabytes and length 01:00 min:

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Pouring rain

Wow, how it pours! Just like a bucket! Although no, no bucket can hold as much water as is now being poured on the heads of innocent passers-by. It looks more like someone knocked over a barrel of water. Or maybe someone up there forgot to turn off the faucet? Therefore, now water is gushing from heaven, and not drops, not jets, and not even streams, but simply streams of heavy rain!

From time to time such torrents erupt on the earth that even equatorial nature with its rainy seasons could not dream of! The rain rises like a wall, it seems, just a little more - and the sky will collapse to the ground, because no clouds can withstand so much water.

They look like wet cotton wool, which someone huge gently squeezes out, but the water in them does not end in any way. Not even puddles are freely spilling over the asphalt - whole rivers and lakes. A little more and the cars will have to urgently change their qualifications and become boats.

Some of the passers-by hide from the downpour under the visors of the entrances, and someone, spitting on everything, runs through the puddles, trying to hide behind what came to hand - packages, magazines and bags.

It looks like the pouring rain has subsided a bit. Water is pouring from the sky is no longer such a continuous stream, and the especially brave ones decided to leave the shelters and are trying to get to the first reliable shelter.

But the pouring rain did not even think of ending, probably it was a deceitful maneuver, after a couple of minutes the downpour lets in with renewed vigor. Ay! A wall of water falls on those rare daredevils who dared to deceive the pouring rain.

Here is a young couple, briskly running through the puddles, got up in the rain and laughs, embracing. Yeah - what's the point of running somewhere and hiding somewhere if the pouring rain is everywhere. He climbed into the most secluded corners and shelters, even under the spreading crowns of trees, even under the powerful and reliable roofs of the entrances.

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