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Rain clouds can form for various reasons. For example, with ascending air currents (when the air current meets an obstacle on the way, for example, a mountain, as a result of which it changes its direction, bending around it). In this case, the rain coming from these clouds will be very heavy.

Clouds are also formed by mixing different air masses with different temperatures (but only if these masses are close to saturation, that is, all elements of the system, be it gas or water, are close to the state of thermodynamic equilibrium). In this case, the rains will be very weak in strength, but can be very long.

Often, moist air currents come into contact with the colder (relative to air) surface of the earth. Then rain clouds can also be formed.

The process of rain falling from the clouds is very interesting. The fact is that clouds at sub-zero temperatures (close to zero Celsius) contain ice crystals and supercooled water drops (due to air resistance, they cannot break down, there is not enough mass). Over time, the crystals increase in size, and the drops decrease and disappear altogether.

As a result, the ice crystals become so heavy that they fall down, picking up the remaining drops along the way. After that, they invariably find themselves in layers of air with a positive temperature (negative only inside the cloud, outside it is warmer) and begin to melt. As a result, they turn into familiar raindrops.

Sometimes supercooled droplets inside the clouds merge into larger droplets. In this case, they also become heavy and rush down.

By the way, the rainbow, well known to us from childhood, is formed if the sun's rays illuminate raindrops.

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