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Light Rain And Thunder Sounds

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Light rain and thunder sounds. An ambience track of a medium rainstorm with thunder cracks and rumbles. Best online SFX library. Download for free "Light Rain And Thunder Sounds" MP3 file has bitrate 192 Kbps, size 5,83 megabytes and length 04:35 min:

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About rain and lightning

From school, we know about the water cycle in nature. But only the inquisitive mind of scientists is trying to unravel the nature of this phenomenon, along the way explaining many folk signs about rain.

Steam particles, rising up, are cooled, forming a suspension of small droplets. But they are too light to fall to the ground under their own weight! It turns out that full-fledged raindrops are formed after repeated collision and merging of small vapor particles in ascending and descending air currents.

Therefore, normal rain comes from cumulus clouds, and from stratus - only drizzling. The greater the height of the cloud, the more often the particles collide and the larger the droplets form. From individual small, but very high cumulonimbus clouds, there are short showers of rain. The drops are large and heavy, so when they hit the water they form large bubbles. This explains the popular belief: if there are bubbles in the puddles, the rain will end soon.

Cumulus clouds can be up to 10 km high. Powerful air currents inside them at a speed of 50-60 m / s raise the drops to a height of very low temperatures (-40 * C), where they freeze, turning into hail. The size of hailstones depends on the time they spend inside the cloud.

In tropical countries, for example, where the height of the clouds is the highest, hailstones freeze into huge clods. An interesting fact: during the rain in China in April 1981, some hailstones weighed up to 7 kg.

Cumulonimbus clouds also bring thunderstorms. The color of lightning can indicate the state of the air. Blue lightning means that there is hail in the cloud, red - rain, yellow - dust. White lightning occurs in very dry weather, so the most dangerous fires.

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