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Heavy Summer Rain Sound Effect

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Heavy summer rain sound effect. Great hard rain noise for videos, movies, animation, intro, outro videos, logos, trailers, games. Best online SFX library for your projects. Download for free "Heavy Summer Rain Sound Effect" MP3 file has bitrate 192 Kbps, size 1,05 megabytes and length 00:49 seconds:

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Summer rain

I used to be very ironic about my husband's advice, when leaving the house, take an umbrella with you if they promised rain. I don't like to drag along, as Italians often do, extra items. Even if the rain catches me, I told him, tea, not sugar, I won’t melt, I’ll wait it out, if anything. But this is what I used to think, and now I know that if it rains in Rome, then this is serious. We don't get drizzling rain. If the clouds are already gone, then that's it: wait for the shower. And today, after a quite sunny morning that did not promise precipitation, it began to rain heavily in the evening. Thank God, you don’t have to leave the house (today in Rome is generally a holiday - the day of Saints Peter and Paul), but so that you understand the strength and scope of this downpour, I can say that all the window frames and heavy iron blinds in the house are pounding from the wind, both balconies are flooded with water (in the rain, balcony shutters (made of fabric, if anything) are advised to be left open here so that they do not tear), and in the office, water oozes onto the floor from the “battened down” window ...

It is still difficult for me to predict the consequences in general, like this rain is not the same as the spring ones, after which many secondary narrow roads in Rome were flooded (for example, in front of our supermarket), cars got stuck in deep water flows, the basement floors of buildings were flooded. Our regional cinema has been under repair for half a year after such rains on Thursday.

And now, if I now had to go outside for some reason, I would no longer be funny, as it once was, when my husband in a shoe store told me: “Well, you took shoes with flower bows, and on what's the rain with you?"

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