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Dog Barking Aggressive

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Dog barking aggressive. Angry dog noises. Free download original domestic animal sounds. Online SFX library for your projects. Commercial use allowed. Download for free "Dog Barking Aggressive" MP3 file has bitrate 192 Kbps, size 199 kilobytes and length 00:09 seconds:

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What is the dog barking about?

Attentive owners must have noticed that the barking of the same dog can be different depending on the situation. Some may even hear their dog barking and say what it wants and what it is “talking about”. What does a dog bark about and how to learn to understand its barking?

Norwegian trainer, expert cynologist Tyurid Rugos identifies 6 varieties of dog barking:

Barking when excited. As a rule, barking when excited is high, sometimes a little hysterical and more or less continuous. Sometimes the dog barks in series, between which there are small pauses. In this case, the dog can also moan. The dog's body language includes jumping, running back and forth, intense tail wagging, circling.

Warning bark. This sound is used in a flock or in the presence of owners. Usually, to notify the approach of the enemy, the dog makes a short and sharp sound "Buff!" If the dog is not confident in himself, he tries to sneak away. But sometimes the dog stays behind to take over the protection of the rest of the pack.

Lay out of fear. This bark is a series of very high-pitched sounds, somewhat reminiscent of a bark of excitement, but the body language indicates anxiety of the dog. The dog hides in a corner or rushes from side to side, sometimes begins to gnaw on various objects or bite itself.

Protective and protective barking. This type of bark includes growling sounds. Such barking can be both low and short, and high (if, for example, the dog is afraid). As a rule, the dog lunges towards the object at which it barks, trying to drive it away.

The bark of loneliness and despair. This is a continuous series of sounds, sometimes replaced by a howl, and then again turning into a bark. This barking is often accompanied by stereotypy or compulsive behavior.

Learned barking. In this case, the dog wants to get something from the owner, barks, then pauses and waits for a reaction. If he doesn't get what he wants, he barks again and goes silent again to see what's going on. In this case, the dog may look back at the owner to make sure that he has attracted his attention, or try to make contact with the owner in order to receive a reward.

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