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Dogs Barking Aggressive

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Dogs bark aggressively

Many have noticed that the same dog can react differently to people. To one, she can fawn, joyfully wagging her tail, and to the other she can show aggression, growl or bark. turned to a dog specialist to find out what this could be connected with.

“There may be several reasons for this,” says animal psychologist, consultant cynologist Lidia Ushakova. - Often dogs perceive fearfully, anxiously people who look very unusual for them. This is a very subjective dog performance. It can be grandmothers with chopsticks, people shuffling, drunk, strangely dressed, children. That is, people who get out of the dog's usual understanding of what a person should be. Because of this, the animal has a defensive reaction - they get scared and bark to scare the person. The principle “the best defense is an attack” applies here.

Aggressive dog behavior can be caused by negative experiences associated with a certain type of person. For example, once a man offended her, so the dog is afraid of men and barks at them. Each person has an individual smell, which the dog feels very keenly. If the animal had a negative experience with a person who smelled in a certain way, for example, an auto mechanic smelled of oil, then meeting a person who smells the same way, the dog may react aggressively.

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