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Dog Barking Sound Download

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Village dog barking sound download. Dog barking in the backyard. Animal sounds mp3 free downloads. Professional SFX library for your projects. Download for free "Dog Barking Sound Download" MP3 file has bitrate 192 Kbps, size 698 kilobytes and length 00:32 seconds:

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Barking as a means of communication in dogs. Reasons for excessive barking.

To communicate with each other and express their state of mind, dogs use at least a dozen sounds: from whining to growling. By changing the shade of the sounds made, dogs can put up to 40 semantic meanings into them. For example, a dog growls a little differently when he is afraid than when he is bold and aggressive. Depending on whether the dogs are defensive or threatening, they may growl, whine, squeal, yell, roar, growl through their teeth, growl, panting, and growl while coughing.

But most often, of course, dogs bark. And they do it for the same reasons that we shout - inviting to the game, demanding to be taken for a walk, for joy, for disagreement, for resentment, for fear, meeting a friend, warning the enemy or declaring that the territory is occupied and protected. Dogs often bark when they are excited. At the same time, it was noticed that the more excited they are, the more recklessly and longer they bark.

Lai is a means of communication. But in everyday life, it can be a big inconvenience.

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