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Pinball is a type of arcade game in which the player gains game points by manipulating one or more metal balls on a glass-covered playing field (on a pinball machine) with the help of paws (flippers). The main goal of the game is to score as many game points as possible. The second most important goal is to maximize the duration of the game (using extra-ball and keeping the ball on the playing field for as long as possible) and get a free game (known as replay).

History of pinball

Development of outdoor games

The origin of pinball is linked to the development of many other games. The essence of outdoor games, which consisted of rolling balls or stones on the grass (Boccie, Bowls), was transformed: now it was necessary to hit the balls with a stick (or bat) to achieve a certain goal (Croquet, Shuffleboard). These games moved inside the premises and took place on the table (billiards, carom) or the floor (bowling). The tabletop versions of these games became the progenitors of pinball.


The history of pinball begins with the reign of the French King Louis XIV, who was nicknamed “The Great” for making the country one of the most powerful in Europe. One day, one of his contemporaries thought of shrinking a billiard table and sticking pins at one end. From the opposite side, the players had to shoot the ball in their direction with a cue - it bounced off obstacles and fell into pockets that had different values. Correctly calculating the angles of rebound, the masters sent the balls to the holes they needed, and the process itself strongly resembled carom. In 1777, at one of the palace parties held at the Chateau de Bagatelle estate, guests were offered new entertainment to try. Everyone was satisfied, and the king's brother immediately named the game after his estate. The “trinket” (this is how it is translated from the French “bagatelle”) pleased not only the nobility but also the common people, dispersing throughout the country in a short time. French soldiers even took the bagatelle with them when they went to America to fight against the British for their colonies. Thanks to them, the game spread throughout the New World, becoming so popular there that political cartoons began to be drawn on its theme.

The birth of pinball

In 1869, a British inventor named Montague Redgrave settled in America and set up a bagatelle table manufacture in Cincinnati, Ohio. In 1871, Redgrave received U.S. Patent #115,357 “Improvements in Bagatelle”: the holes to hit were replaced by springs (bumpers, bumpers), and the cue at the end of the table was replaced by a plunger. The player launched the ball onto an inclined playing field using a plunger, which is still an integral part of all pinball machines to this day. This innovation made the game more convenient. The dimensions of the table have become smaller, and a score counter is installed on the top panel. Redgrave's innovations are recognized as the official birth of pinball.

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