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Football Celebrations On The Streets

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Football celebrations on the streets. Great sound for media projects with themes of sport, football, soccer player, video games. Car horns honking. Best online SFX library. Download for free "Football Celebrations On The Streets" MP3 file has bitrate 192 Kbps, size 863 kilobytes and length 00:40 seconds:

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The history of the emergence of football

Each country with an ancient history ascribes to itself the primacy of the creation of this game. As well as painting, theater, playing football at the dawn of mankind had an applied, ritual character. Competitions in honor of the gods, sacrificial games, where the winners received not only the approval of the crowd, but also life - such was the main rule and goal of the game. Archaeologists have found images of people playing with an object that looks like a ball on the oldest rock paintings. Every nation had ball games. The difference was only in the filler, which was made from improvised means. The Eskimos used moss, grass, wool, the Australians used the skins of marsupial rats and the bladders of large animals. In Egyptian burials, linen or woven balls were found, which, for cushioning, were tied with bull sinews. The Indians of North America had strict rules: the losing team faced the death penalty. However, the right to be called the birthplace of football officially belongs to ancient China. Old engravings from the beginning of the first millennium show men and women playing ball with their feet. The rules of the game were similar in all corners of the globe: no rules, field sizes and the number of participants were unlimited.

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