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Hip Hop Drum Beat 116 bpm

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Hip Hop Drum Beat 116 bpm. Driving steady minimal beat. Free urban drum loop. High quality drum loops in wav format. Download for free "Hip Hop Drum Beat 116 bpm" WAV file has bitrate 16 bit / 44.100, size 2,24 megabytes and length 00:08 seconds:

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Why would a girl dance hip-hop?

The vast majority of dancers in this genre are guys, desperate and daring. Wide pants, a deliberately “sloppy” look, defiant look, movements, mostly on bent legs ... The whole culture of hip hop is not about femininity, not about touching. But there are more and more girls who are seriously interested in this dance. Why?

If you try to find the reason for the attractiveness of hip hop for girls in external details, in clothes and paraphernalia, you are unlikely to understand anything. To feel what pulls the weaker sex into the strong environment of hip hop, remember the essence of this culture. Freedom and self-expression, the opportunity to express yourself and assert yourself, protest and positive. Behind the ostentatious roughness of the adherents of this style is sincerity and the desire for a peaceful solution to all disagreements. And if guys can see in this dance, first of all, a way to show everyone how cool they are, then girls find here an opportunity to be free from dull frames like “you are a girl, you must ...”

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