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Hip Hop Drum Loop 116 bpm

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Hip Hop drum loop 116 bpm. Hip-hop drum beat sound fl studio. Download high quality drum loops wav format for music production. Download for free "Hip Hop Drum Loop 116 bpm" WAV file has bitrate 16 bit / 44.100, size 444 kilobytes and length 00:04 seconds:

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Hip-hop as one of the most energetic dances

it is a mixture of energy, enthusiasm, positive. This is not just a dance, but a whole culture with its own clothes, habits, movements. Therefore, it is impossible to just learn to dance hip-hop, you need to live this culture, wear these clothes, love this music.

Hip-hop, as such, is divided into many directions. Each direction is quite independent and carries its own meaning.

It has three main areas:

- Rap, Hip-hop, Beatbox (music)

- Breakdance, Hip-hop, Papping, Crump, Flexing, C-Walk, Turfing, Locking, Waacking, Dancehall, House (dance).

- Graffiti (pictorial)

A person who considers himself a member of the hip-hop subculture can engage in rap, graffiti, and breakdance at the same time.

In the Hip-hop dance style, the main thing is swings and steps, body and leg movements. Under the rhythmic rap, high jumps are replaced by low sliding, clear and sharp movements turn into slow and wavy ones. Low body position, relaxed knees, movements facing the floor - this is Hip-hop. In the whole appearance of the performers, their manners and dance technique, softness, swagger, apparent relaxation glides. Trick elements decorate the dance.

Another feature of the Hip-hop style is that you need to dance to the beat, not to the melody. Learning to hear the beat, to find it at the very bottom of the composition, under thousands of sounds, is the first step towards understanding the style. A simple tool will help develop this skill: you need to listen to a variety of music more often. When the sense of rhythm is developed, the second step is easily given - the basic movements. Even one learned quality and several worked out steps is already Hip-hop, albeit simple and primitive, but this is the basis on which the performer can build his dance, express himself and his feelings.

Perhaps it was the desire to express oneself that was the first impetus for the creation of the hip-hop style in America. It was a typical street dance, which was sometimes associated with hooliganism and swagger, graffiti and wide trousers. Gradually, hip-hop culture turned into a powerful youth movement, and Hip-hop dance appeared at competitions, festivals, and discos. Today Hip-hop is at the peak of popularity, dancing in this style is fashionable.

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