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Large Thunder Rumble

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Large thunder rumble. A single thunder rumble with light rain in the background. Best online SFX library for your projects. Download for free "Large Thunder Rumble" MP3 file has bitrate 192 Kbps, size 861 kilobytes and length 00:38 seconds:

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This term has other meanings, see Thunder (meanings).

Thunder is a sound phenomenon in the atmosphere that accompanies lightning strikes. Thunder is the fluctuation of air under the influence of a very rapid increase in pressure in the path of lightning, due to heating up to approximately 30,000 °C. Thunder peals arise due to the fact that lightning has a considerable length and the sound from different parts of it does not reach the observer’s ear at the same time, in addition, the reflection of sound from clouds contributes to the occurrence of peals, and also because due to refraction, the sound wave propagates through various paths and comes with various delays, in addition, the discharge itself does not occur instantly, but continues for a finite time.

The volume of thunder can reach 120 decibels.

By measuring the time interval elapsed between a flash of lightning and a thunderclap, one can roughly determine the distance at which a thunderstorm is located. Since the speed of light is very large compared to the speed of sound, it can be neglected, taking into account only the speed of sound, which is approximately 330 [source not specified 220 days] meters per second. (But the speed of sound is very variable, it depends on the air temperature, the lower it is, the lower the speed.) measurements, it is possible to judge whether the thunderstorm is approaching the observer (the interval between lightning and thunder is shortening) or moving away (the interval is increasing) [2]. As a rule, thunder is heard at a distance of up to 15-20 kilometers, so if an observer sees lightning, but does not hear thunder, then the thunderstorm is more than 20 kilometers away.

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