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Cat Sound Effect

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Cat sound effect. Cat meowing lightly. Great for mobile apps, software, ads, cartoons or video projects. Best online sfx library. Download for free "Cat Sound Effect" MP3 file has bitrate 192 Kbps, size 27 kilobytes and length 00:01 seconds:

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Meowing of cats and other sounds of cats

In the arsenal of a cat there is not only meowing, but also many other sounds: calm and aggressive. They are divided into several groups.


This is a very pleasant sound that can be heard when a cat communicates with its owner or kittens. A cat purrs when it is calm and comfortable. Also, with the help of this sound, the pet can support itself in case of illness or injury, as the vibrations of the purr help to restore the body and soothe it.

Hissing, growling, howling, snorting

A number of these cat sounds can be considered warnings of varying intensity. Cats most often publish them in communication with their relatives, but they can also be used to warn a person or his guests. When you hear one of these sounds, you need to leave the cat alone. She warns that she does not like something and, if necessary, the animal will show aggression. Sometimes a cat can make these sounds if something is very frightened. Small kittens, for example, are sometimes even afraid of their reflection in the mirror and hiss at it.


This is an opportunity for a cat to get the attention of a person or other animals, a way to communicate that she is hungry or not feeling well.

By the tone and intensity of the sounds of their pet, experienced owners can understand what the cat wants or needs.

It is very important to pay attention to the circumstances under which the cat makes this sound. If the pet emits a sharp or plaintive “meow” when eating, licking, visiting the tray, then it should be shown to the veterinarian. Thus, the pet says that something hurts her or something bothers her a lot.

A short cat's "meow" can be a greeting to the owner.

If the cat's meow is loud and demanding, it can mean "feed me." Usually, this is how cats remind you that it's time for dinner. If the pet asks to eat too often, it may be worth reviewing her diet or changing the food to a more nutritious one. For adult cats, Purina One® dry food is high in beef and whole grains.

Meowing near the doors of cats often means "let me out."

Short, but often repeated "meow" cat utters, demanding attention. These sounds are often accompanied by a characteristic arching of the back or "claw turning". There is an erroneous opinion that if you often go to such calls, then the cat will push around the owner. In fact, cats are very self-sufficient and independent animals, and if they ask for attention, then they really need it now.

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