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Cat Meows Sound

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Cat meows sound. Kitty cat noises. Meowing sound. Free download original domestic animal sounds. Online SFX library for your projects. Commercial use allowed. Download for free "Cat Meows Sound" MP3 file has bitrate 192 Kbps, size 83 kilobytes and length 00:04 seconds:

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Cat meowing is a way to communicate with people. Cats meow for many reasons - to say hello, to ask for something, and to let us know when something is wrong. Meowing is an interesting vocalization because adult cats don't actually meow at each other, but only at people.

Kittens meow to tell their mother that they are cold or hungry, but as soon as they get a little older, cats stop meowing to other cats. But they continue to meow at people throughout their lives, probably because meowing makes people do what they want. Cats also howl - a sound similar to meow, but more drawn out and melodic. Unlike meowing, adult cats howl at each other, especially during the breeding season.

When does meowing become excessive? This is a difficult question as it is really a personal issue. All cats meow to one degree or another - this is a normal behavior when communicating. But some cats meow more than their beloved owners would like. Be aware that some cat breeds, especially Siamese, are prone to excessive meowing and howling.

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