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Ara parrot

And today everyone knows and loves the film-tale “Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors”, filmed more than half a century ago. The adventures of Oli and her mirror image Yalo in the kingdom of YagupoP 77 (Parrot) will not leave you indifferent. And who else, if not to make the Parrot king? And, judging by the color, this is exactly the Ara parrot - the largest and most beautiful among its relatives. In the film, this is a bright, silly character. Only in real life, real parrots compare favorably with a movie hero - they are not only a bright, extraordinarily beautiful bird, they are the smartest creature that, living next to a person, makes you reckon with yourself!

Macaws are large representatives of the order of parrots, whose weight reaches two kilograms with a height of half a meter! The wedge-shaped tail is longer than the body, the wings reach forty centimeters. The beak is flattened on the sides, high, rounded downwards, very strong and strong. The plumage is bright, colorful with multi-colored tints - by its very appearance, the bird brings a holiday to the house. At the same time, it is almost impossible to distinguish a male from a female or a young parrot from an old one by plumage. A distinctive feature of the macaw is the absence of feathers around the eyes and on the sides of the head. The skin in these areas can "tell" about the mood of the bird: reddened skin around the eyes indicates a bad mood.

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