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This is a species of birds from the order of parrots, the parrot family, the only representative of the genus of budgerigars (Melopsittacus).

The Latin name of the species is formed by 3 words: the Greek word "melos", meaning "singing", the word "psittacos" - "parrot" and the Latin word "undulatus", which means "wavy". Therefore, in literal translation, the name of the bird sounds like a singing budgerigar. A number of ornithologists suggest calling the bird a wavy singer.

All of the above names are absolutely true: budgerigars are really very noisy and talkative, perfectly remember and imitate individual words and phrases that are repeated many times, often without much meaning.

The budgerigar is a beautiful and slender bird, which, due to its long tail, looks much larger than it actually is. The body length of a budgerigar, excluding the tail, reaches 17-19.8 cm with a body weight of about 40-45 g. Domestic birds participating in exhibitions often have a body length of 21 to 23 cm.

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