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Bird Warning Call

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Bird warning call. Loud bird noises. Wildlife nature sounds free mp3 download. Professional sfx library for your projects. Download for free "Bird Warning Call" MP3 file has bitrate 192 Kbps, size 775 kilobytes and length 00:35 seconds:

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Birds are a class of vertebrates. The forelimbs are turned into wings, most are adapted for flight. The body is covered with feathers, the body temperature is constant, the metabolism is very intense. They reproduce by laying eggs. 27 modern orders: penguin-like, ostrich-like, nandu-like, cassowary-like, kiwi-like, tinamu-like, loon-like, grebe-like, petrel-like, stork-like, pelican-like, anseriform, falcon-like, galliform, crane-like, shorebird-like, pigeon-like, parrot-like, cuckoo-like, triode-like, owl-like bird mice, trogon-like, crustaceans, woodpeckers, passerines. About 9 thousand species are distributed from the Arctic to Antarctica, most species (about 80%) are in the tropics. Many make seasonal migrations - flights. The number of many species is declining (over 90 species have become extinct since the beginning of the 17th century). 209 species and 83 subspecies in the IUCN Red List. Many birds are an object of hunting; some are the ancestors of domestic bird breeds: chickens, geese, ducks, etc. The ancestors of birds are reptile pseudosuchia. The branch of zoology that studies birds is ornithology.

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