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House Sparrow Sounds

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House sparrow sounds. Birds chirping sound free download. Sparrows chirping and fluttering. Best online SFX library for your projects. Download for free "House Sparrow Sounds" MP3 file has bitrate 192 Kbps, size 690 kilobytes and length 00:31 seconds:

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As very accurately noted on Wikipedia, the sparrow is bold, cunning, intrusive and thievish (Life forces and people have taught). HE is smart, mindful, responds with a benevolent attitude. No matter how I am dressed, the sparrows will recognize immediately. It happens that they try to "unwind" me for an additional pile of millet, pretending not to notice where I pour the first one. Individual birds sometimes sit down literally under their feet away from the common feeder, begging for "exclusivity". With me, they usually do not quarrel, do not make noise, their voices become more melodious. Sparrows seem to be able to talk. In places with developed agriculture, sparrows can cause some damage to the crop. But the same is true of other birds - pigeons, crows, etc. And, in any case, by catching harmful insects while feeding chicks, the sparrow at least compensates for the damage it causes. Man is guilty of occupying the living space of wild animals. And it doesn't let up. That is, every conscious individual must limit himself. The Belarusian "verabey" could be borrowed into Russian and reinterpreted as "thief bey", but not everywhere and not by everyone. What can the similar-sounding names of a sparrow mean in other Slavic languages? Doesn't anyone there know anything? Ukrainian gorobets bolg. vrabche, vrabets, etc.

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