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Breaking News Sound Effect

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Breaking news sound effect. 3 second intro music. Short power stinger in classic news style. Modern orchestral news music with powerful and dynamic sound. Download for free "Breaking News Sound Effect" MP3 file has bitrate 192 Kbps, size 57 kilobytes and length 00:03 seconds:

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This term has other meanings, see News (meanings).

News is a program (collection of several news items) on television and radio. In the print press, news bulletins are also referred to as news, for example, in a special section in a newspaper.

News is an operational information message that is of political, social or economic interest to the audience in its freshness, that is, a message about events that have occurred recently or are taking place at the moment.

As a rule, news on television and radio are broadcast several times a day, starting at the beginning of the hour and lasting from two minutes to half an hour. News is usually from areas such as politics, economics, science, culture, sports, with a weather forecast at the end. Western tradition assumes that news should be presented as neutrally and objectively as possible and separately from comments. The choice of news for the selection is carried out by the editors.

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