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News or show intro theme. Great intro music audio logo for podcast intros, stingers, corporate openers, news. Bumper music. Download for free "News Intro" MP3 file has bitrate 192 Kbps, size 309 kilobytes and length 00:14 seconds:

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“News is what distinguishes today from yesterday” - this figurative definition belongs to a recognized specialist in the field of television information, the creator of the news service on NTV, and then the head of the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company O.B. Dobrodeev.

One of the first domestic researchers of the specifics of mass communication is N.V. Palgunov wrote:

The soul of information is news. In order for a fact to form the basis of information, it must also be news[1].

E. Dennis in the book "Conversations about the Mass Media" gives the following standard criteria used in Western companies to determine news[2]:

• conflict (causing tension or surprise);

• catastrophe (defeat, destruction);

• development of some important event (triumph, achievement);

• the consequence of some event (its degree of impact on society);

• celebrity (events in the life of a person that are of general interest);

• novelty (something unusual, even extremely unusual);

• strong human interest (bright emotional background);

• territorial proximity (local issues).

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