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Record Needle Noise, Needle Drop

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Record needle noise, needle drop. The sound of putting the needle on the record. Record player static sounds. Vinyl noise. Download for free "Record Needle Noise, Needle Drop" MP3 file has bitrate 192 Kbps, size 179 kilobytes and length 00:07 seconds:

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History of the needle

Long ago, back in primitive times, when clothes were made of thick, poorly dressed skins, all products were sewn with animal sinews, thin plant vines or palm leaf veins, and ancient needles were also thick and clumsy.

We can prove the existence of needles thirty thousand years ago only indirectly, and the real needles found, according to experts, are 17-20 thousand years old. These needles have been found in caves in southern France and Central Asia. Historians claim that since the late Paleolithic period, a bone needle with an eye has existed on the territory of our country as well. That is nineteen thousand years ago! The needles dating back to the 1st millennium BC, which were found by European archaeologists, will not yield to their today's sisters in their elegance and practicality.

The first iron needles were found at Manching in Bavaria and date back to the 3rd century BC. It is possible, however, that these were "imported" samples. The ear (holes) were not yet known at that time and they simply bent the blunt tip with a small ring. In ancient states, they also knew an iron needle, and in ancient Egypt already in the 5th century BC. embroidery was actively used.

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