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Domestic goat

Long before our era, people began to think about the domestication of different types of animals. The goals were different - dogs were used for hunting and guarding, while the horse became an excellent transport and household helper. In our region, the breeding of domestic goats began long before the selection and breeding of horses - almost 10 thousand years ago.

As in all cases, the ancestor of the modern domestic version of the animal lived in the wild. In our case, these were mountain goats, which are still found in the mountains of the Caucasus and Asia. It was the Asian tribes who first tamed this animal. A few hundred years later, the ancient Greeks also came to this.

This was a great decision as the goat has adapted well to different environments. Thanks to her small size, she was easy to feed - it was enough to give her simple food, or take her to the grass that grows near the settlement.

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