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Over the past 10 years, strange “trumpet” sounds have been coming from heaven in different parts of the planet, but no one can explain what it is. They could be attributed to the fantasy of those who love "horror stories", but there is real evidence, as you can see for yourself.

How is it explained on the internet?

And yet, what are these sounds? Here are the main versions that are expressed online:

1. Grinding of tectonic plates. These 100-kilometer strata of the earth's crust are of two types - oceanic and continental. The former consist mainly of silicon and magnesium, the latter of silicon and aluminum.

2. Atmospheric pressure

3. Train shunt. Roughly speaking, the sound of electrical resistance, which is formed from the interaction of wheels with rails and wires over the railway.

4. Construction work. Especially if they are conducted simultaneously in a certain area.

5. Aliens. Maybe they're probing the Earth?

6. US Secret Climate Weapon. Although the American project HAARP (High Frequency Aurora Research Program) with a large antenna field in Alaska has already been closed, ominous rumors still circulate about it. Read more about this in our article about 10 secret places on Google maps.

7. Seven trumpets of the Apocalypse. They are mentioned in the Revelation of John the Theologian, where, in fact, the end of the world is described.

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