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Ave Maria Bach Gounod

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Ave Maria Bach Gounod. Composer: Bach/Gounod. The piece consists of a melody by the French Romantic composer Charles Gounod. Piano and cello, background music for Youtube videos free mp3 download. Commercial use allowed. Download for free "Ave Maria Bach Gounod" MP3 file has bitrate 192 Kbps, size 6,21 megabytes and length 04:44 min:

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Ave Maria in the Encyclopedic Dictionary:

Ave Maria - (lat. Ave Maria - Hail - Mary), a Catholic prayer, as well as a piece of music written in a canonical or free text, including an appeal to the Virgin Mary. Known arias and songs of Ave Maria - F. Schubert, L. Cherubini, C. Gounod and others.

The meaning of the word Ave Maria according to the dictionary of Brockhaus and Efron:

Ave Maria (lat.), or an angelic greeting, angelico salutatio, that is, the greeting of the angel Gabriel, said by him to the Blessed Virgin - is called among Catholics a prayer to the Mother of God according to her initial words: "Theotokos, Virgin, rejoice, blessed Mary (Ave Maria ), the Lord is with you. As equivalent to the Our Father prayer, Ave Maria came into frequent use from the 11th table. Pope Urban IV added to it the final words: "Jesus Christ. Amen." From the XVI century. the following concluding words, which are still used today, began to be added to it: "Most Holy Mary, mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and on the day of our death. Amen." According to the prescription of Pope John XXII, ed. in 1326, every Catholic must read this prayer three times a day, in the morning, at noon and in the evening, when the ringing of bells calls him to prayer. It is recited from the small beads of the rosary, which are therefore also called Ave Maria, while the large beads are dedicated to the Lord's Prayer. The Ave Maria, read 160 times, makes up the Psalterium Mariae and, according to Catholic belief, has great prayer power.

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