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This is a good dream. A long-awaited meeting with friends. How to improve the value of sleep? Imagine that the people in the crowd are cheerful and friendly. They dance and sing songs.

To be in a large and unorganized crowd or to see it in a dream is a sign of fear or some unexpected incident. Hearing the voice of the crowd her murmur in a dream means that you will use the money of another person, get rich, but people will begin to condemn you. The lively and joyful atmosphere of the crowd in a dream portends the progress of your affairs. An angry crowd of people in a dream is a harbinger of danger or political cataclysms in your country. Speaking in front of a crowd in a dream means that you will try to gain recognition. If in a dream the crowd is obedient to you, then in life you will achieve a high position, power or popular recognition. A gloomy crowd of people in a dream portends trouble or upheaval. People, church, run, square.

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