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Rimshot sound. Ba dum tss joke sound effect. Great sound for use in comedy related projects cartoons, games, standup comedy, etc. Download for free "Rimshot Sound" MP3 file has bitrate 192 Kbps, size 55 kilobytes and length 00:03 seconds:

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Many drummers use the Rimshot in their playing. This is the impact that hits the rim and head at the same time. But few people know that it can be applied in three different ways.

The most common is the so-called Gock Rimshot (gook rimshot) or simply Rimshot, when the bead of the stick hits the center of the drum. This is the loudest hit.

Pingshot (pinnshot, or just pinn) is not as powerful as rimshot, but it has a rather melodic high tone - the name speaks for itself. The bead of the stick here is hitting the plastic very close to the rim of the drum.

If you strike in such a way that the bead falls in the middle between the center and the rim of the drum, then you get something between a rimshot and a pinnshot. Such a blow is called Ging (ginn) or Pock (pook). By the way, these names are formed from a combination of the words Gock and Ping.

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