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Elevator Door Open With Bell

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Elevator door open with bell. The sound of an elevator door opening with a dinging bell. Best online SFX library for your projects. Download for free "Elevator Door Open With Bell" MP3 file has bitrate 192 Kbps, size 84 kilobytes and length 00:04 seconds:

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a technical device for vertical transportation - between floors of buildings or levels of mines - of people, equipment or goods in a cabin, on a platform or load-carrying bodies of a conveyor.

Passenger elevators. The cabin of the passenger elevator hangs on cables thrown over the pulley of the drive mechanism and fixed with opposite ends on the counterweight, and moves along rigid guides. Due to the friction of the cables on the pulley, its rotation is converted into their translational motion. The number of cables is dictated by the requirements of reliability and safety, while each of them can withstand the weight of the cabin and its load. If it is necessary to increase the friction of the cables on the pulley, an additional pulley is installed and the drive pulley is wrapped around the cables twice. Lifting machines of modern elevators are available in two types: with gears and without them. In machines with gears, the rotation of the drive motor shaft is transmitted to the main pulley by a helicoidal or globoidal worm gear; such machines are used in installations designed for low-speed lifting to a small height. In machines without gears, the drive pulley sits directly on the drive motor shaft; lifting speed with this type of machine can be up to 750 m/min, i.e. the limit at which passengers can withstand changes in atmospheric pressure with altitude.

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