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Electronic Motivational Music Loop

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Electronic motivational music loop. Positive corporate music loop, uplifting, motivating, perfect background for your video projects, slideshows, presentations, Youtube videos, advertising. Download for free "Electronic Motivational Music Loop" WAV file has bitrate 16 bit / 44.100, size 710 kilobytes and length 00:32 seconds:

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Scientific evidence of the influence of music on the body and psyche of people

Judging by the number of studies on the impact of music on the physiological and psychological aspects of our lives, we know a lot (and at the same time we don’t know a lot) about how music affects the mind and body. “The better we understand the nature of music and where it comes from, the better we will probably understand our own motives, fears, desires, memories and even communication in a very broad sense,” says neuroscientist, musician and writer Daniel Levitin (Daniel Levitin ) in his book This Is Your Brain on Music.

Levitin asks: “What is more like listening to music — like eating food to satisfy hunger? Or watching the sunset or scratching your back, which activates the pleasure centers in the brain? The truth is that the effects of music are varied. However, in recent years, scientists have achieved unprecedented heights in understanding how the human brain reacts to music and how sound affects not only the mind, but also the body.

Music will make you smarter

It's no secret that music has a strong impact on a person's mental activity, due to which different parts of the brain are activated, motives and texts are remembered. Different melodies and rhythms evoke different emotional responses. It has even been proven that the noises around us at medium volume increase creativity, and listening to music helps with brain injuries.

For musicians, things are even better, especially for those who have been playing musical instruments since childhood. According to some studies, the study of music contributes to the sustainable development of performance techniques and non-verbal thinking. In an interview with News in Health, Harvard Medical School neuroscientist Dr. Gottfried Schlaug argues that musicians have a different set of nerves than non-music people. At the same time, he refers to studies that say that in the brain of a musician there are more neurovascular bundles connecting the left hemisphere with the right one.

“When composing music, various parts of the brain are activated, including visual, auditory and motor,” says Schlaug. “That is why melodic writing is of potential interest in the treatment of nervous disorders.”

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