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Hunger Games Song (Rue’s Whistle Piano)

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Hunger Games Song (Rue’s Whistle Piano). Mockingjay theme song (cover version) free mp3 download. Piano background music. Download for free "Hunger Games Song (Rue’s Whistle Piano)" MP3 file has bitrate 320 Kbps, size 5,28 megabytes and length 02:21 min:

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The Hunger Games

The state of Panem, formed on the North American continent after a series of natural disasters, is divided into twelve parts-districts and the capital Capitol. Once there were thirteen districts, but after a big uprising, brutally suppressed by the authorities, District 13 was completely destroyed. As punishment for the rebellion, the Capitol established the annual Hunger Games, which are televised throughout the country. Each district is obliged to send a boy and a girl to the Games. 24 tribune participants kill each other in the Arena. For the only surviving winner, the Capitol provides a well-fed and comfortable life.

Seventeen-year-old Katniss Everdeen lives in a poor area of District 12, whose inhabitants are engaged in coal mining. At the age of twelve, after the death of her father, a miner, Katniss remained the only support of the family and learned to hunt with a bow. The girl does not want to get married and have children who can get to the Games. Today is Harvest Day, the time for choosing tributes. Katniss has a good chance of getting into the Arena. The names of the tributes are written on cards that are thrown into two glass balls and drawn out like a lottery.

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