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Escape – Electronic New Age Track

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Escape – Electronic new age track. Ambient instrumental music. Great background instrumental free music download. Download for free "Escape – Electronic New Age Track" MP3 file has bitrate 192 Kbps, size 13,33 megabytes and length 10:05 min:

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What is the track made of?

If you start listening to any track, you can hear many different musical parts in it. Somewhere percussion instruments are heard, but somewhere not. Somewhere the vocal part comes in, and somewhere it stops singing. Also, you can immediately hear a lot of sounds of different musical instruments. And also, if we talk about electronic tracks, then there are quite a lot of effects that make the track interesting to listen to.

1. One of the most audible parts of the tracks are drums, or beat parts. A huge number of varieties of various percussion instruments, their combination with percussion. Without the drum part, a huge number of tracks would not have been perceived so intensely and attentively by the listeners, since the track would have been faded, boring, and not active in perception. It is the drum parts that create the main stimulus and pulse for the tracks.

If you want to learn more about the track's percussion instruments, visit this resource. You can also listen to them there.

2. Another of the most recognizable types of parts in a track is the vocal part. Many tracks necessarily have a vocal part. Although not as complete as in real songs, the performers still sing 1-2 phrases. Such vocals can often be made into interesting variations due to vocal cutting, changes with effects, etc.

In a word, you will definitely not confuse the vocal part with others.

3. The most recognizable and audible kind of part is the main melody of the track. Very often the main melodies are played by a bright instrument. They have their own names, for example, Lead ("lead"), or Riff ("reef"). These types of melodies sound bright, juicy, and you definitely can’t confuse them with other parts. Thanks to the main melodies, you can just recognize this or that track. Such a melody is often repeated throughout the track. And very often the main melody sounds in the brightest and most important part of the track.

4. Now the task is a little more difficult. Hear less important and less bright parts of the track. One of the most commonly used types of parts is the bass. Although the bass is written as one of the important components of the track, for certain reasons it can not always be clearly heard in the tracks. In some tracks, the basses sound so booming and not bright that it is not always clear what kind of party it is.

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