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Music Box Playing

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Music box playing. Sound recording of a gentle sounding music box playing a kids song. Excellent as background score for any holiday or christmas projects. Download for free "Music Box Playing" MP3 file has bitrate 192 Kbps, size 582 kilobytes and length 00:37 seconds:

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How are music boxes arranged?

There is such a wonderful fairy tale by Odoevsky called “The Town in a Snuffbox”, with which you can show the device and the principle of operation of music boxes right from the inside, if you have enough imagination. The main character Misha finds himself in a dream in the fabulous town of a snuffbox, from which music is heard. A whole mechanism is hidden in the box - the trigger spring allows the roller to rotate with a lot of “hooks” / pins arranged in a certain sequence, with which it catches “hammers” / teeth of various lengths. When the “hook”/pin releases the “hammer”/prong, it hits the “bells”/plates under the comb of prongs, which give rise to the unusual melodic sounds of music boxes.

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