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Owl Calls At Night

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Owl calls at night. Night time ambience sound effect. Night calling bird sounds. Best online sfx library for your projects. Download for free "Owl Calls At Night" MP3 file has bitrate 192 Kbps, size 1,00 megabytes and length 00:47 seconds:

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What is the owl calling about?

In many cultures, the owl is considered a sinister bird. Signs also speak of this - owls bring a bad sign.

If an owl screams near a residential building, misfortune will soon happen in it - a person will die. The cry of an owl seems to invite misfortune. Even if everything is going smoothly in the family, and no one is sick, then trouble can come unexpectedly. It is not necessary that the irreparable will happen, it is likely that a person will become seriously ill. A bad sign if an owl flew into the house through an open window.

According to popular beliefs, an owl screams not with its own voice to sudden death. She also announces the imminent appearance of a baby in an unmarried woman or a widow. It is undesirable to look at an owl during the day or look into its nest. This can attract troubles and illnesses.

An owl sitting on a church warns of an imminent change of priest, his death or the destruction of the church. If at the same time the owl sat on the cross, then this may indicate a fire.

In the spring, the cry of an owl heralds the flood and many troubles associated with it. Nothing good should be expected if an owl living near a residential building has flown away.

Just a couple of signs promise something pleasant. If an owl jumps and makes sounds on the roof of the house in which a seriously ill person lives, then he can count on a quick recovery. It is also considered good if an owl sits on a tree growing near housing - households are waiting for profit.

Particularly superstitious people should not immediately become discouraged when they hear the “hoot” of an owl. If you treat it as a warning and try to be a little more careful in everyday life, then misfortune will pass by.

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