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Phone ringtone. Tones for phones free download. Digital telephone ringing notification tone. Loop. Best online sfx library for your projects. Download for free "Phone Ringtone" MP3 file has bitrate 192 Kbps, size 111 kilobytes and length 00:20 seconds:

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Why turn off the ringer on the phone

Have you noticed that the sound of someone's ringing phone is less and less heard around? Even the sounds of incoming notifications have begun to disappear - more and more often they are replaced by a notification that comes to Apple Watch. People are increasingly setting their smartphones to vibrate mode, avoiding unnecessary sounds from their device. An interesting fact: most of all, it is young people aged 16 to 24 who switch smartphones to silent mode. We talk about why no one needs ringtones and sound notifications anymore.

Why is the sound of an incoming call annoying

Until recently, someone else's ringtone cheered and cheered up: why is Tarkan bad as an incoming call melody? And now remember what emotions someone's phone evokes in you, on the call of which there is some famous pop music? Correctly. This is wildly annoying. Maybe it's in modern music - the only thing worse is the sound of the foam, which is passed over the glass. But not really.

Destroyed the industry of ringtones and booming mobile applications. Remember, there was a time when ICQ did not receive notifications, you had to wait for an answer until the interlocutor entered the application himself. Then push notifications began to appear everywhere: as a result, in 2021 there were an incredible number of them, each program wants to remind us of something, to tell us something. Turning off the sound is easier than going into the settings and turning off notifications. It is surprising that older people do not even think about getting rid of ringtones: for them, this is a great way not to stay on the phone, but always stay in touch. It was only recently that I explained to my mother that the sounds in the WhatsApp chat can be turned off - the house has become much quieter.

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