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Airplane sound. Propeller airplane pass by overhead. small aircraft flyby sound effect free mp3 download. Free for commercial use. Download for free "Airplane Sound" MP3 file has bitrate 192 Kbps, size 488 kilobytes and length 00:21 seconds:

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Why is an airplane breaking the sound barrier accompanied by an explosive pop?

There is a misunderstanding with "cotton" caused by a misunderstanding of the term "sound barrier". This "clap" is properly called "sonic boom". An aircraft moving at supersonic speed creates shock waves, air pressure surges, in the surrounding air. Simplistically, these waves can be imagined as a cone accompanying the flight of an aircraft, with a vertex, as it were, tied to the forward part of the fuselage, and generators directed against the movement of the aircraft and propagating quite far, for example, to the surface of the earth.

When the boundary of this imaginary cone, denoting the front of the main sound wave, reaches the human ear, then a sharp pressure jump is perceived by ear as a pop. The sonic boom, like a tethered one, accompanies the entire flight of the aircraft, provided that the aircraft is moving fast enough, albeit at a constant speed. Cotton, on the other hand, seems to be the passage of the main sound shock wave over a fixed point on the earth's surface, where, for example, the listener is located.

In other words, if a supersonic aircraft with a constant but supersonic speed began to fly back and forth over the listener, then the clap would be heard every time, some time after the aircraft flew over the listener at a fairly close distance.

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