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Rain And Thunder Noise

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Rain and thunder noise. Sound of rain and thunder mp3 free download. Free nature sounds. Best online sfx library. Commercial use allowed. Download for free "Rain And Thunder Noise" MP3 file has bitrate 192 Kbps, size 851 kilobytes and length 00:25 seconds:

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Thunderstorm premonition

Summer is in full swing! No wonder the July-August junction is called the "crown of summer", with its characteristic unbearable heat, stuffiness, heavy rains and frightening thunderstorms. It would seem - a familiar and familiar series of weather phenomena. But each time it comes unexpectedly and is experienced so strongly that it remains in the memory for a long time, often until the next season, and sometimes for life. Who among us has not met with a summer thunderstorm ?!

This formidable and spectacular phenomenon of nature at all times had a huge impact on the human psyche, caused strong emotions. Let us recall William Shakespeare, when King Lear, driven to despair, in a frenzy conjures the raging elements:

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