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Sea Waves Sound

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Sea Waves Sound. Soothing sea sounds free mp3 download. Recorded with Zoom 5 Handy Recorder. Professional online SFX library for your multimedia projects. Download for free "Sea Waves Sound" MP3 file has bitrate 192 Kbps, size 1,00 megabytes and length 00:46 seconds:

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sea waves

periodic oscillations of the surface of the sea or ocean, due to reciprocating or circular movements of water. Depending on the causes of movement, there are wind waves, tidal waves (high and low tides), baric waves (seiches) and seismic waves (tsunamis). Waves are characterized by a height equal to the vertical distance between the crest and wave trough, a length equal to the horizontal distance between two adjacent crests, propagation velocity and period. At wind waves, it lasts approx. 30 s, for baric and seismic ones - from several minutes to several hours, for tidal ones it is measured in hours.

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