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Rising Logo

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Rising logo. Intro music for logo or start up. Ascending piano melody. Startup sound for apps, mobile devices, phones, computers, games, etc. Download for free "Rising Logo" MP3 file has bitrate 192 Kbps, size 104 kilobytes and length 00:05 seconds:

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What is a logo and why companies need it

It’s probably strange that I didn’t start my blog with this particular article (especially with such and such a “name” like mine) ... But in defense I’ll say: I thought that everyone already understands what a logo is, and write such an article for me is the same as if a brick manufacturer wrote an article “What is a brick and why is it needed?”.

Yes, of course, I exaggerate a little. Still, “logo” is a somewhat more complicated term. However, be that as it may, most people see hundreds of logos every day and, in theory, should perfectly understand what it is. But the longer I work in this area, the more I am convinced that not everyone has a clear understanding of what a logo is.

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