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Cool Alarm Tone Notification Sound

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Cool alarm tone notification sound. Soft morning alarm ringtone for cell phones. An alarm ringtone melody, soothing and positive. Best online SFX library for your projects. Download for free "Cool Alarm Tone Notification Sound" MP3 file has bitrate 192 Kbps, size 484 kilobytes and length 00:22 seconds:

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How to choose the right alarm sound

Given all of the above, scientists have developed recommendations for selecting the optimal alarm signal:

It should be a melody or a popular song that you can hum (but it's better not to set your favorite songs as an alarm, otherwise you will stop liking them over time ...);

The frequency of oscillation of an ideal alarm signal is about 500 Hz;

The melody should not be too fast or too slow - 100-120 BPM (beats per minute) is optimal;

Adjust the alarm volume depending on your age - the older you are, the quieter the signal should be.

The researchers also found that a voice alarm (like a recorded human voice yelling "Wake up!") will work better than high-pitched sounds. But they still won't be as effective as 500Hz beeps.

Scientists were also interested in what sounds or musical compositions best help people wake up in the morning. Here's what they found: It turns out that if a person sets their alarm to a tune that can be sung throughout the day, he or she tends to experience less sleepiness and wakes up more easily than those who use a standard alarm.

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