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Motor Boat Driving On Water Sound Effect

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Motor boat driving on a water, ocean or lake sound effect. Geat for a scene with a boat or yacht. Loop. Useful for ads, movies, video games, trailers, teasers, radio, TV and other multimedia projects. Best online sfx library. Download for free "Motor Boat Driving On Water Sound Effect" MP3 file has bitrate 192 Kbps, size 1,03 megabytes and length 00:49 seconds:

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Motorboat - the history of creation

The water element has been of interest to man since ancient times. Nomads moved along the rivers and transported their luggage, and in the depths of the waters there were fish that were used for food. And for all this, a swimming facility was needed.

The first product of this kind was a raft. Noticing that the tree does not sink in water, the man built a raft by tying the trunks together. To move on a raft, a pole was used, and at a depth - the so-called rowing boards, which soon took the form of oars.

The first boats were tree trunks hollowed out inside. The process of their manufacture was very long and laborious, so soon people learned how to make boats from tree bark, which were then coated with resin. In the northern regions, where there was no suitable vegetation, animal skins were used to make boats.

Many years later, the desire of a person not to depend on the current and direction of the wind, as well as on the need to constantly row in order to give the ship the necessary speed, led to the first attempts to equip a rowing boat with a steam or gasoline engine. In the early 19th century, the outboard motor was invented. It was designed by the American Ol Evenrude. Since 1905, outboard motor boats have entered mass production in the United States. And over time, the motorboat has spread throughout the world and has become a familiar means of navigation, reliable and convenient, used everywhere and for different purposes.

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