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Deep ambient background music. Atmospheric music. Can be used in presentations, video clips, games, advertising, etc. Free for commercial use and Youtube video monetization. Download for free "Deep Ambient Background Music" MP3 file has bitrate 320 Kbps, size 4,00 megabytes and length 02:12 min:

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American researchers Michael Levy and Barton A. Weitz in their book "Fundamentals of Retailing" identify several components that make up the atmosphere of a shopping center, restaurant or beauty salon. This includes visual design (images, signs, signs), and lighting, and color, and smells, and, of course, music. And the music here is far from last. The influence of hearing among our senses is the most significant: the heard sounds are retained by the memory approximately three times longer than the image: 4-5 s versus 1.5 s. It is no coincidence that it is the sound rather than visual design that attracts more customers to shopping centers and supermarkets. During the experiment, two supermarkets were compared. One was playing music, the other was not. So, the revenue of the “voiced” store exceeded the revenue of the “quiet” store by as much as 38%. Background music attracts visitors, creates a comfortable environment for them, conducive to purchase.

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